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beer sheva

payment of member ship

Posted: 437 days ago

if i have 7000$ why can you take the money from there ???

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Reply from Sevendollarclick.com

Posted: 437 days ago

Hello :)

Read FAQ -

Q: - How do I withdraw?

A: - You need to buy a membership in order to withdraw your funds, and for the withdraw button to become visible. Here is what you do: Login, and then click on Purchase, and upgrade your membership. Then go to My Account, and click on Withdraw, click the circle so it goes blue, fill in desired withdraw amount, and then click on Request. Thats it! Now your payment is queued by our system, and we just need to check that your account is in good standing, and that you have not breached our Terms Of Use. If all is good, just wait up to 75 days for funds to go to your online account of your choice.

IMPORTANT: As per our Terms you must keep your upgraded paid membership active until paid out in 75 business days. This is the reason why many of our members buy a 3 month or yearly or lifetime membership to make sure their account dont go inactive before paid out. If at any time your account goes back to free/basic during a cash out request you will forfeit all earnings associated with your cash out. (All paid members with a Monthly membership will be paid in 75 business days. All members with a Lifetime or Yearly membership will be paid within 50 business days)

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